Emergency Communications Repeater System

K9RI Success Story

KC9QKJ Club Call

In Spring 2003, ARLOW, Inc. began negotiations with a national tower company to explore the feasibility of obtaining donated tower space for the K9RI repeater system. This repeater provides emergency communications and is linked with other similiar systems in the area. It operates on 224.8 Mhz. However, due to height restrictions the system had never provided optimum coverage over Southeastern Wisconsin prior to moving to the new location.

ARLOW, Inc. was successful in working with this company in providing the necessary corporate structure for a professional relationship. The company operates a 500 foot tower site in Racine County. A commercial grade Sinclaire Antenna, donated to ARLOW, was installed at the 400 foot level by a professional tower company, Empire Towers, Inc. All installed antennas, feedlines, other materials and installation services were donated to ARLOW, Inc. The monthly rental of tower space was also donated.

The installation was completed on April 19th, 2004. Coverage of the repeater now includes most of nine counties in SE Wisconsin and NE Illinois. Upon the passing of Ray K9RI (SK) A.R.L.O.W. applied for a club station call in 2009. It has been assigned KC9QKJ and is currently coordinated in WI and in the surrounding Midwest states of IL, MN, MI, IA and IN.


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Low speed

phone line

These Maps show the coverage area from the Tower.

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High Resolution
Broadband speeds
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Using Hand Held radios, there is now a coverage diameter of about 60 miles.
Using Mobile radios, there is now a coverage diameter of approximately 100 miles.