Our Vision:

The Amateur Radio League of Wisconsin, Inc. (ARLOW) is a dynamic presence in Wisconsin's Amateur Radio Community. Its future state of the art facility will enhance emergency communication, provide radio equipment housing, provide training services for both amateur radio operators and the community in radio skills, provide research to the public, and stands ready to assist the community, their agencies and its citizens as called upon.

The Mission:

1.) To make long term provisions for ongoing Amateur Radio operations in the State of Wisconsin.

2.) To provide facilities for the continuing research and development of communications technology for emergency communications and the advancement of the art of Amateur Radio through training.

3.) To provide an operational facility through which various independent Amateur Radio organizations can coordinate their efforts for the benefit of the citizens of the State of Wisconsin.

How will the Mission be executed?

ARLOW believes training is a high priority.

Amateur Radio personnel are trained and updated on the latest equipment and technology. Public Safety Personnel and local government officials are also trained on using amateur communications services effectively. Continuing education classes and updates for first responders in local Emergency Government, Police, Fire and relief agencies such as the Red Cross will be provided.

However, for this goal to be realized, ARLOW must prioritize the erection of a facility. Therefore, the provision of a state of the art facility is our first goal. Following that, the implementation of educational, training and research will occur. Continued support will constantly be sought to maintain the facility in a stage of continuous readiness in times of Emergency Communications.

Why was ARLOW created?

ARLOW was created to build a facility for amateur radio operators (hams).

For over fifty years, hams have always had to rely on the generosity of other organizations or individuals for their meeting and storage locations. It was felt that the time was right to build a facility that would be the physical focal point of amateur radio activities. This would provide, at low cost to participating organizations, a facility that amateur radio organizations could call home. It also would enhance the ability of hams to do what they do best. Emergency communications and the advancement/education aspects of technology are cornerstone activities for amateur radio. For many years hams have consistently shown their community awareness by providing emergency communications in time of need.

Indications are the community at large is interested in supporting this effort by donating resources to ARLOW for the creation of a common facility which, in turn, would be used by amateur radio organizations. To this end, ARLOW has been created. ARLOW will build, manage and maintain a facility for the use by amateur radio organizations for the benefit of our communities. ARLOW should be seen as merely an organization which supports participating amateur radio organizations by way of a facility for their use. It has no interest in control nor management of those participating organizations.

Community Service

ARLOW is a unique community service resource.

In today's world of smaller budgets and "doing more with less", communities find themselves struggling to keep up. One of the priorities that often gets pushed aside is disaster preparedness. While preparing for a disaster, many communities fail to understand the implications of proper communications. The best laid plans and equipment are only one part of the puzzle. Without proper communications there is no coordination, no flow of information and most importantly, there is less relief for victims. This is where ARLOW can help. By providing a modern communications center, portable systems and onsite technical experts, we can bridge communication needs without cost to the communities we serve.

Communication Services

ARLOW, in conjunction with local Amateur Radio Organizations, can provide a wide variety of fully staffed communications including:

Communication Facilities

The future ARLOW facility will be a "state of the art" communications and educational center.

Space will also be available for other emergency community service providers and not-for-profit organizations aligned with ARLOW for emergency preparedness. With space being at a premium, many worthwhile Amateur Radio organizations are desperately looking for space to continue their operations. ARLOW would make space available to qualified organizations so that they may continue to operate for the benefit of the community. The ARLOW facility would provide opportunities for education and communications that have not previously been available to the community. Example organizations would be local Amateur Radio organizations, first responders, Emergency Management related organizations, Red Cross and Salvation Army.


In today's world of cellular phones, Internet networks and digital satellite communications, why do we need ARLOW?

The simplist answer is all of these modern services are run for profit, they utilize an infrastructure that is centralized and vulnerable in a disaster while being limited in capacity. ARLOW is non-profit, utilizing Amateur Radio operators who are experienced in electronic communications. These operators are decentralized and independent of one another, which makes them less vulnerable in a disaster. With virtually any type of mode of communications available, Amateur Radio provides an almost unlimited capacity. We are a group of responsible community citizens who support first responders.

ARLOW taps these resources of our Amateur Radio operators and their vast technical knowledge. Combining these communicators with the latest communications equipment and training available, makes ARLOW a focal point for public service communications.

The talent and resources are here. ARLOW can put it to work for the community. Best of all, it is cost free. By Federal law, Amateur Radio operators may not charge for their services. In return for public service, however, Amateur Radio operators have been given radio spectrum.


ARLOW seeks your help with a tax deductable contribution. Individuals and organizations may contact ARLOW with questions by emailing us at info@arlow.org.

If you wish to donate to ARLOW, you may do so using your own secure PayPal account. For further information please see our donation page.